Fire Safety Installations and Services


Heat Detection and Smoke Alarms
Emergency Warnings & Evacuation
Automatic Sprinklers
Comprehensive Evacuation Plans
All portable systems and passive fire doors
Providing end to end fire solutions with full 24/7 support across all fire protection systems


Fire Protection Services for Your Premises

Fire protection services prevent fires and minimise damage in case of a fire. It includes heat detectors and smoke alarms, emergency warning and evacuation, automatic sprinklers, evacuation plans, portable systems and passive fire doors. Datacom is your answer for end-to-end fire safety solutions, including 24/7 backup and support. These include:

  • Fire alarm systems: Detect a fire and alert occupants and emergency services
  • Sprinkler systems: Automatically spray water to prevent a fire from spreading and extinguish
  • Fire suppression systems: Chemicals are used to suppress a fire, as in data centres where water from sprinklers causes greater damage
  • Fire extinguishers: Portable fire extinguishers are central to any fire protection strategy, allowing occupants to respond before the arrival of emergency services
  • Fireproofing: Placing fireproofing materials on structural building elements can hinder the spread of fire and allow occupants to evacuate
  • Fire doors: Create a barrier between building areas to prevent fire and smoke from spreading
  • Emergency lighting: Provides illumination during a power failure so occupants can escape safely


Fire Safety Inspection

Fire safety inspection deems that a property, facility or building complies with all fire safety codes and standards. It pinpoints existing fire hazards and confirms that equipment such as sprinklers and alarms are functional and fire exits are in place. A fire safety inspector compiles a report that includes any recommendations for improvements. Regular fire safety inspections are important to reduce the risk of fire-related incidents and make sure building occupants are safe.

Fire Hydrant Inspections

Fire hydrants must be in good working condition and readily accessible. They must be inspected regularly for defects or deficiencies, along with any instructions for repair or replacement. Inspection focuses on physical damage, leaks, valves, caps, and water flow.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Fire sprinkler systems must always be operational and comply with applicable codes and standards. Trained, certified inspectors check components such as sprinkler heads, pipes, valves and alarms. The water supply must have sufficient pressure to activate the sprinklers in an emergency.

For comprehensive fire protection services, speak to us about your requirements, and we will come up with the best solution for compliance and fire safety. Datacom supplies equipment and provides certification and installation.

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